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Toxic Mold Problems in Children's School

East High mold scare propels health check, asthma death linked?

By Mary Powers,  November 19, 2002

Health screenings prompted by elevated mold levels in parts of East High School continued at the school Monday, two days after a senior with a history of asthma died following an asthma attack at home. Donald Criss Mister Jr., 17 and known to his family as Criss, died early Saturday at Methodist Healthcare-University Hospital. "We don't know if the mold (at East) triggered his asthma. We want to know," said Leslie Mister, his stepmother.

But Monday she said the family was focused on planning a funeral for a young man described as a quiet, positive teenager who did well in school, loved his computer video games, his younger brother and who planned to pursue an engineering degree in college.

School officials said Mister's death had not been linked to mold found in the school's southwest wing and building annex. Five classrooms as well as storage and maintenance areas remained closed Monday while cleanup and testing continued.

Nurses were again on hand to screen for potential health problems by listening to lungs and asking students about their medical histories and any rashes, itchy eyes, runny noses or flu-like symptoms. On Wednesday, officials expect to send letters home to parents reporting the screening results, said.

                            Toledo, Ohio, School Mold Problem

In Ohio, The Toledo Blade reported that a classroom at Coy Elementary School has been vacated after school officials say mold made the 22 students who attend classes in it sick.

School administrators sent home letters explaining the situation to parents yesterday after an environmental consultant found airborne stachybotrys mold spores behind walls in concentrations three times higher than that of the outside air, the newspaper reported.

The results came as no surprise to the teacher assigned to the classroom, who has been feeling increasingly tired and had observed an unusually high rate of sniffles, rashes, and irritation among her pupils, the Blade reported. [article summarized on Cleaning and Maintenance Management Online].

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