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New Home Mold Questions & Answers

Q. We recently purchased a new home. After about a month of living there I noticed a moisture spot on my bathroom wall. Upon investigating the water spot, I found that the water was leaking from the second floor all the way down to the basement. There was black mold growth from the leaking water on the walls and carpet of one closet and mold growing in my kitchen pantry. I contacted the builder and they fixed the water leak, removed the carpet and padding and applied primer and painted over the molded walls. Is that sufficient to fix the mold pollution from the water leak? Can I demand the builder to check for airborne mold pollutants? Did they need to remove the dry wall and the wooden structure behind the drywall that has been soaked in water? Thank you for any advise that you can give me. My husband is asthmatic and since we have been in this house he has had the worst allergies that he has ever had. I'm wondering if it could be from the house. [Nov. 29, 2002]

A. Your husband's health problems are a very good indication that your home may be harboring health-destroying mold contamination. Your first step is to hire a Certified Mold Inspector to inspect and mold test the air in all rooms of your home, plus inside the wall cavities, ceiling cavities, and floor cavities in the water leak location and water problem areas. The mold inspector will use a fiber optics inspection device, plus a special air pump that impacts wall cavity air samples onto the sticky surface of a mold culture plate. The mold inspector will then have the mold samplings analyzed for mold species identification by a mold laboratory. If there is evidence of elevated levels of mold infestation in the air inside your home or of wall mold, ceiling mold, and floor mold, the formerly wet areas need to be opened up and mold remediated in accordance with the 25 mold remediation advice and tips provided at: Mold Removal. A water leak in a wall, ceiling, or floor can cause substantial hidden mold growth.

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