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Questions about mould problems in Italy
         Q. I wonder if you have a little advice for me. For the past few months I have noticed that a number of our shoes had mold growing on them. The shoes are stored in small storage room. This problem seemed to be getting worse and we found it on other things. I started to look on the net and found this site. The mold looks very similar to the Aspergillus mold in the picture. We have now emptied the room and found a damp, moldy patch of wall. The wall is also crumbling in a number of areas. We live in an old building in the center of Rome and our apartment is partially underground. My husband has now covered the area with a cement and malt mix, but will this solve the problem? I
can't stand to think we have this horrible mold in the house especially since we have a small child. Not to mention the fact that it has ruined a
number of pairs of shoes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. [Nov. 1, 2004]
        A. Do you rent or own your apartment? If you rent, you should consider moving to a mold-safe place as soon as possible. When you smell mold in your Rome apartment, there is a serious likelihood that airborne mold spores from the one known mold location have traveled in air currents to mold cross contaminate your entire apartment. Document the mold health threat in your Italian apartment for your own knowledge and use, as well as to gather the mold proof to make a formal demand to your landlord for professional mold inspection, testing, and remediation by using do it yourself mold test kits. Hopefully, Italian landlords are more concerned about moldy rentals harming the health of their tenants than are the uncaring landlords in the USA and Canada. If your landlord doesn't take care of the mold problem upon your presentation of mold test kit results, and if you really like your apartment, you can use a homemade fungicide [to kill present mold growth] and a homemade antimicrobial coating [to stop future mold growth] by using the recipes in our Special Report Mold Home Remedy Recipes, available at our online mold products catalog. Learn the 25 steps for safe and effective mold remediation.
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