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Mold Lord

Is Your Landlord a Slum Lord, or a Mold Lord, or Both?

Q. I have a few concerns about mold. I am a renter & recently moved out of an apartment that had a crawl space & the place frequently had a stench of mold. I have been at this new place for a little over three months. I've noticed mushrooms growing around the stool (which is carpeted) has a musty odor & had pulled up the carpet which the floor has turned black. What kind of mold (s) am I dealing with here. Since moving here my whole family has had flu-like symptoms, headaches, & cold....which the doctor only relates to as a virus. My question is since I rent, what type of insurance policy should I have & what are the legal aspects to this situation & how do I go about explaining this problem to my landlord without them think I'm making this all a part of a scam? Will my health insurance pay for a mold antibody test? Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated. I am particularly happy with all the pertinent info found on your site. [Dec. 20, 2002]

 A. Thank you  for your nice comments on our mold website. The biggest problem you face is that most landlords do not care about how harmful mold infestation is to their tenants. Despite the recurring health problems of their tenants and the often-visible mold growths, most landlords will not pay for mold inspection, mold testing, mold removal, or mold prevention. Their lack of common decency in their failure to provide habitable housing to their tenants make such persons Mold Lords. A Mold Lord is a landlord who permits indoor mold infestation to cause health harm to his or her apartment or other rental tenants.  If a tenant is facing serious health problems that may be from living in a mold infested apartment or rental house, the first thing to consider doing is moving to a healthy place as soon as possible to stop further harm to your and your family's health. If you want to pursue your legal rights against a Mold Lord whose rental unit harbors mold contamination, the burden of proof is upon you to pay for initial mold inspection and testing of your apartment to document whether or not there is toxic mold or mold in elevated levels present in the air in your residence, and for the mold testing and mold laboratory analysis of any visible mold growth indoors. Find a Certified Mold Inspector to do your mold inspection and mold testing.  If you want to hire an attorney to pursue any legal rights you may have against the mold lord, the first thing the attorney will ask to see is mold inspection and mold testing results to back up your possible mold claim. As to your question as to whether a health insurance company will pay for mold blood testing, a couples of issues that might arise are: (1) if you seek payment for diagnostic testing for a previous condition in existence at the time you applied for your new health insurance, the insurance company will deny payment; (2) insurance payment for mold blood testing is only possible if your health insurance makes specific provision for the payment of items like blood testing, and IF, your attending physician requests that you have a mold blood test to help the physician diagnose a specific and current medical health problem.  Read the in depth ebook Mold Legal Guide.

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