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Q. In June of 2002 my husband and I moved into an apt. in north Oakland so that he could attend UC Berkeley.  Prior to moving in I expressed some concern to my landlord regarding the layers of carpets in the living room and the extensive mold growth in the bathroom.  I am asthmatic and have severe mold allergies.  Since we moved here I am now on daily inhalators, Dr. prescribed nasal sprays and oral creams.  I know that my apt. is making me sick, but this is a pricey area and I can't afford to move.  Do I have legal rights?  How can he continue to charge rent for an apt. that is making me sick.

A. Your first step is to seriously consider moving out of the apartment until it has been inspected and test, and, if necessary, mold remediated. Your family's health can be seriously damaged by living in mold infestation. Your second
step  is to hire a Certified Mold Inspector [paid by you] to thoroughly inspect and test your apartment solely on your behalf with absolute loyalty to do the best possible inspection to find the truth about your rental, and to document any mold problems.  If you don't have expert mold testing results in writing, you cannot do the third step which is to get a consultation with a local environmental attorney so that the attorney can send a demand letter for more mold testing and for mold remediation of the apartment and of all of your probably mold-contaminated personal. Hire the lawyer to keep up the pressure on the property owner until the property has been mold cleaned and mold remediated and it tests mold-free after remediation. The clearance test after mold remediation should be by your Certified Mold Inspector who you hired initially. Your attorney should obtain compensation from the landlord to pay for healthy living quarters for your family while mold remediation is in process. Read the in depth ebook Mold Legal Guide.

Do-It-Best-Yourself Mold Solutions

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