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Mold Expert Phillip Fry's List of the Top Mold 100 Toxic Mold Health Symptoms, Toxic Mold Allergies, and Toxic Mold Illnesses

1. abdominal pain
2. abnormal pap smears
3. acid reflux / indigestion
4. acne
5. allergies and anaphylaxis
    [severe allergic reaction]
6. altered immunity
7. asthma and asthmatic signs
    [sudden onset asthma,
    increased asthma attacks,
    wheezing, shortness in breath,
    coughing, burning in lungs]
8. balance problems
9. bladder and kidney pain
10. bleeding lungs
11. blood pressure irregularities
12. body aches and muscle pains
13. breathing difficulties [tightness
     in chest, shortness of breath]
14. bruising easily
15. burning in mouth, throat and
     lungs similar to acid reflux
16. cancer
17. central nervous system effects
18. chills
19. choking
20. cholesterol or triglycerides
21. chronic fatigue (chronic,
      excessive or continued)
      and/or general malaise
22. chronic sinus infections
23. coated tongue
24. colds, recurring and with
      decreased resistance to
25. constipation
26. dandruff problems (chronic)
      that won’t go away despite
      use of anti-dandruff shampoos
27. dark urine
28. death in extreme cases
29. depression/anxiety/dementia
30. dermatitis and skin rashes
31. diarrhea
32. difficulty concentrating
33. difficulty in swallowing
34. dirt-like taste in mouth
35. dizziness

36. dry, hacking cough or
      coughing up blood [resulting
      to sore lungs/chest due to
      excessive coughing]
37. early menopause
38. eye and vision problems
39. eye irritation (burning, watery,
      or reddened eyes)
40. face flushing intermittently
41. facial movements inadvertently
     or extreme jerking
42. feeling lost or disconnected
      from what’s happening
      around you
43. feelings of hopelessness
44. fevers
45. fibromyalgia [chronic fatigue
     and widespread pain]
46. food allergies
47. frequent bloody noses
48. frequent infections
49. hair loss
50. headaches/migraines
51. heart attack
52. hemorrhagic or hypersensitivity
     pneumonitis [extrinsic allergic
     alveolitis, or farmers’ lung
53. hypersensitivity to mold
54. indigestion [heartburn /
     acid reflux ]
55. infertility
56. irritability, mood swings,
      spleen pain or sudden
      personality changes
57. irritable bowel syndrome
58. itching of the nose, mouth,
      eyes, throat, skin or any area
59. kidney pain and failure
60. large boils on neck
61. leaky gut syndrome
62. liver pain
63. long lasting flu-like symptoms
64. memory loss or learning
      difficulties [brain fog,
      confusion, Alzheimer’s-like
65. metallic taste in mouth

66. multiple chemical sensitivity
67. night sweats and hot flashes
68. nose or throat irritation
69. nosebleeds
70. numbness in face and limbs
71. open skin sores and lacerations
72. open sores on head
73. organic dust toxic syndrome
74. peripheral nervous
      system effects
75. physical weakness
76. poor appetite
77. puffy or droopy eyes
78. rashes or hives
79. redness of the sclera
      (white portion of your eyes)
80. respiratory distress
81. ringing in ears
82. runny nose (rhinitis), clear,
      thin, watery mucus from your
      nose may appear suddenly, or
      thick, green slime coming out
      of nose (from sinus cavities)
83. seizures
84. sensitivity to smells / odors
85. sinus congestion, sinus
      problems, chronic sinusitis
      and other nasal problems
86. skin rashes or irritation
87. skin redness
88. sleep disorders
89. slurred speech or verbal
      dysfunction (trouble in
90. sneezing fits (more than
      three sneezes in a row,
      happening often)
91. spitting up mucous
92. swollen glands
93. swollen lymph nodes
94. systemic candida infection
95. tremors (shaking)
96. unexplained fevers
97. urinary tract infection (uti)
98. vertigo or dizziness
99. vomiting (nausea)
100. women’s health problems
       [such as endometriosis and
       vaginal yeast infections].

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Black Mold Toxic Health Effects

There are millions of known mold species but only about less than 500 species are recognized to be pathogenic or consider toxic mold and can cause mild to severe health effects to human and animals. There is a considerable variation in the pathogenicity of every mold species. Some are HIGHLY pathogenic and capable of establishing  infection especially on immuno-suppressed individuals and depending on the health conditions of every individual. Like for example in the clinical significance of Candida species. This species can be a toxic mold species depending on the normal flora of a person. The Wadsworth Center of New York State, Department of Health reported, that members of the genus Candida are found in all areas of the intestinal tract, usually causing no medical problems. However, in patients with a compromised immune system, life threatening diseases may result. Listed below are the health effects and mold health symptoms which are recognized as effects of exposure to toxic molds.

Medical Effects of Exposure to Toxic Mold

1. Non-specific airway inflammation.
2. Allergic reaction [skin, eyes, nose].
3. Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis [an allergic lung disease].
4. Chronic Fatigue-like symptoms [CFIDS].
5. Immune suppression.
6. Central Nervous System dysfunction [vertigo, memory, irritability, concentration, and
verbal dysfunction].
7. Gastro-intestinal tract, heart, liver, and kidney damage.
8. Cancer [carcinogenic mycotoxins].

Sources: Johanning, E., M.D.; Landsgergis, P., Ph.D.: Clinical Findings Related to Indoor Fungal Exposure---Review of Clinical Data of a Specialty Clinic; Bioaerosols, Fungi and Mycotoxins: Health Effects, Assessment, Prevention and Control, 1999.

Mold Species

Specific health problems associated with particular types of toxic mold are explained on the individual mold pages of toxic mold species.       

Mold Medical Studies

Read medical studies and medical reports that link exposure to toxic mold infestation resulting health problems.

Alzheimer's and Mold

Persons who allegedly are Alzheimer's patients may really be toxic mold victims, especially victims of Stachybotrys mold that destroys brain tissue in a similar way to Alzheimer's. 

 Mold and Pregnancy

More information about pregnancy and mold-induced risks to both mother and child.

School Mold Problem

More information on school mold problems.

Nursing Home Mold

More information on nursing home mold problems, plus mold growth resulting from no moisture barrier.


Extensive mould growth on a wall.

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