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Attic Mold
       Toxic mold growth and toxic mold infestation in the attic of one's home or other buildings is a very likely  mold problem because of the deferred or undone maintenance of roofs by most property owners. Besides being a fertile place for mold growth, attic mold is extra dangerous because mold growth in the attic can spread into and inside [hidden] the ceilings and walls below.

Questions About Attic Mold

I need some advice, I am buying a home in Michigan and I had a home inspection done yesterday. The inspector noted some mold growing on the rafters and plywood. I assume this is from replacing the leaky roof 6 or 7 months ago. Should I be concerned about the mold and can it be cleaned up and killed easy enough? Or should I buy another house to limit the danger of buying a problem house? What are your thoughts? [Nov. 21, 2002]
A. You should be very concerned about attic mold because it can spread into and inside the ceilings and walls beneath the attic. Your first step is to have the attic area [and probably the entire home inspected for mold and tested for mold by a Certified Mold Inspector. If you are not willing to pay for your own, independent, complete testing of the attic and home, you might consider buying another home.  But whatever home, you buy, it would be good to have the entire home thoroughly examined and tested for mold problems because buying a mold hell can be disastrous for both your family's health and finances.  In regard to your question about how easy it will be to kill and to remove the mold in the home you are trying to buy, get estimates from several mold remediation companies, including your Certified Mold Inspector. If you want to consider removing the mold yourself, please visit: Mold Remediation to read the 25 steps for safe and effective mold remediation.

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