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Toxic Mold Brain Damage Similar
to Alzheimer's Disease Damage


Because the effects of toxic mold (especially the brain-destroying Stachybotrys black mold) are very similar to Alzheimer's Disease [in such ways as the loss of memory and ability to think logically, and feeling disconnected from the world around], it is possible that relatives and friends of toxic mold victims think that their relative's memory losses and mental diminishment are a sign of advancing age, or of the onset of Alzheimer's Disease. Medical researchers strongly believe that environmental factors help trigger what is ultimately a genetic condition. [USA Weekend, Aug. 31- Sept. 2, 2001, p. 6] Mold contamination may be one of those environmental factors!


If someone is experiencing memory losses and difficulty in thinking, the person's home, office, and other living and working space should be tested for the presence of toxic mold and other unhealthy molds. Unlike Alzheimer's that presently has no cure, mold CAN BE TESTED FOR AND REMOVED SAFELY.


In addition the environment of people with Alzheimer's should be living in a mold- free environment so that the effects of toxic mold don't complicate and worsen the already deteriorating mental abilities of residents of moldy areas. 
Alzheimer's disease
is characterized by the gradual spread of  sticky plaques and clumps of tangled fibers that disrupt the delicate organization of nerve cells in the brain. As brain cells stop communicating with one another, they atrophy — causing memory and reasoning to fade

1. Tangles and plaques first appear in the entorhinal 
cortex, an essential memory processing center needed for making new memories and retrieving old ones

2. Over time they move higher, invading the hippocapus, the past of the brain that forms complex memories of events or objects

3. Finally the tangles and plaques reach the top of the brain, or neocortex, the "executive" that sorts through stimuli and orchestrates all behavior. [The above illustration and explanation are from Time's]

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